27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (France)

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27e Brigade d'Infanterie de Montagne
Insigne de la 27e Brigade d’Infanterie de Montagne.jpg
Badge of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade
BranchFrench Army
TypeMountain infantry
Size~ 6,400 (including Legionnaires)
Part of1st Division
Garrison/HQVarces, France

The 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (French: 27e Brigade d'Infanterie de Montagne, 27e BIM) is a mountain infantry formation of the French Army. It is heir to the traditions of the 27th Alpine Division FFI, created in 09/1944, renamed 27th Alpine Infantry Division in 12/1944, 27th Alpine Brigade in 12/1962, 27th Alpine Division in 08/1976. and then the 27th division d'infanterie de montagne (27th DIM) in 07/1994. With the end of conscription, all of the French Army's divisions were downsized and the 27th became a brigade in 1999.


After the liberation of the Combe de Savoie and the Grésivaudan, Colonel Jean Vallette d'Osia became the commander of the 1st Alpine Division of the French Forces of the Interior (1ere Division alpine FFI) in September 1944, which unified the mountain units created in the French Resistance in the northern Alps. The unit, the first FFI division, was formed at the suggestion of Colonel Marcel Descour, the FFI commander in Lyon, and approved by General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny. Vallette d'Osia located his headquarteres in Challes-les-Eaux. Charles de Gaulle reformed the 27th Alpine Infantry Division on 17 November 1944 under the command of General Molle. The division, which became operational in January 1945, included the 5th Alpine Demi-Brigade (DBA) under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Le Ray and the 7th Alpine Demi-Brigade under the command of Colonel De Galbert. Its 159th Infantry Regiment was sent to defend Strasbourg in the same month and did not return to the Alps until March. While the 27th was reorganized, the Alpine valleys were held by the 4th Moroccan Mountain Division (4e DMM), which rejoined the 1st Army on 17 November. The 4e DMM left behind its artillery, which was used to reform the 27th's 93rd Mountain Artillery Regiment (93e RAM).[1]

Organisation 2016[edit]

27th Mountain Infantry Brigade

The 27th BIM comprises the:

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