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28: Stories of AIDS in Africa
28 BookCover Nolen.jpg
Author Stephanie Nolen
Published 1 May 2007
Pages 384
ISBN 978-0802715982

28: Stories of AIDS in Africa is a 2007 non-fiction book by Canadian author Stephanie Nolen, Africa correspondent for The Globe and Mail.

The book profiles 28 Africans who have HIV/AIDS, or have otherwise been affected by it. The number 28 was chosen to reflect the 28 million Africans who had HIV in 2007, according to UNAIDS. Nolen spent six years traveling through Africa to gather the stories. The stories range from orphans, a truck driver, a miner, and a grandmother raising her grandchildren alone in poverty, to college educated patients, military members, clergy, and even Nelson Mandela, whose son Makgatho died of AIDS.

Stephen Lewis described the book as "the best book ever written about AIDS, certainly the best I’ve ever read".[1]

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