28 Acts in 28 Minutes

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28 Acts in 28 Minutes is a stand-up TV comedy show aired on the UK's BBC Three. It comprises 28 acts, each given a minute to perform. A 3-part series also aired on BBC Radio 4 in June 2006, chaired by John Humphrys.

List of acts (BBC Three)[edit]

Show One[edit]

Show Two[edit]

List of acts (BBC Radio 4)[edit]

21 June 2006[edit]

28 June 2006[edit]

5 July 2006[edit]

25 August 2006 (Edinburgh Festival Special)[edit]

Series 2 schedule - List of acts (BBC Radio 4)[edit]

Episode 1: Thurs 20 December 2007, 6.30pm[edit]

Episode 2: Thurs 3 January 2008, 6.30pm[edit]

Episode 3: Thurs 27 March 2008, 6.30pm[edit]

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