28th Infantry Division (Poland)

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28th Infantry Division
28. Dywizja Piechoty
Active 1921-1944
Country Poland
Branch land forces
Type infantry
Role general purpose
Garrison/HQ Warsaw
Patron Warsaw, Stefan Okrzeja in 1944
Engagements Battle of Łódź, Battle of Modlin, Battle of Warsaw (1939), Warsaw Uprising
Władysław Bończa-Uzdowski, Edward Pfeiffer

The 28 Dywizja Piechoty was a Polish Army infantry division which saw action against the invading Germans during the Invasion of Poland of World War II. The division suffered heavy casualties in battles near Łódź and the remnants retreated to Warsaw, where they surrendered.


Order of battle[edit]

  • HQ (Słuzby)
  • 15th "Wolfs" Infantry Regiment (15 pułk piechoty Wilków)
  • 36th Academic's Legion Infantry Regiment (36 pułk piechoty Legii Akademickiej)
  • 72nd Płk. Dioznizy Czachowski's Infantry Regiment (72 pułk piechoty im. płk. Dionizego Czachowskiego)
  • 28th Light Artillery Regiment (28 pułk artylerii lekkiej)
  • 28th Heavy Artillery Squadron (28 dywizjon artylerii cięzkiej)
  • 28th AA Artillery Battery (28 bateria artylerii p-lot.)
  • 28th Engineers Battalion (28 batalion saperów)
  • 28th Telephone Company (28 kompania telefoniczna)
  • Divisional Cavalry (kawaleria dywizyjna)
  • 13th Bicycle Infantry Company (13 kompania kolarzy)
  • 117th Mobile HMG Company (117 kompania ckm na taczankach)

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