28th Signal Battalion (United States)

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28th Signal Battalion
28th SIG BN COA.png
28th Signal Battalion coat of arms
Active 1908–1919
Country United States
Branch U.S. Army
Part of 28th Infantry Division (United States)
U.S. Army Signal Battalions
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28th Signal Battalion is a battalion of the US army. Its home area is Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Lineage of the 28th Signal Battalion[edit]

It was organized 12 September 1908 in the Pennsylvania National Guard at Pittsburgh as Company A, Signal Corps. It was redesignated 1 October 1912 as Field Company A, Signal Corps and redesignated again on 14 February 1916 as the Wire Company, Field Battalion, Signal Troops. It was mustered into federal service 29 June 1916 at Mount Gretna; mustered out of federal service 18 January 1917 as Company B, Field Battalion, Signal Troops. Again mMustered into federal service on 23 July 1917 at Pittsburgh as Company B, Field Battalion, Signal Corps; drafted into federal service 5 August 1917. It was Reorganized and redesignated 11 October 1917 as Company B, 103d Field Signal Battalion, an element of the 28th Division and demobilized 20 May 1919 at Camp Dix, New Jersey.

It was reorganized by LTC Sidney A. Haderling and Major Walter A. Hardie and federally recognized 16 December 1921 in the Pennsylvania National Guard at Pittsburgh as the 28th Signal Company and assigned to the 28th Division (later redesignated as the 28th Infantry Division (United States)); inducted into federal service 17 February 1941 at Pittsburgh. and inactivated 27 October 1945 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Reorganized and federally recognized 10 October at Pittsburgh, and ordered into active federal service 5 September 1950 at Pittsburgh.

The 28th Signal Company (NGUS) organized and federally recognized 18 August 1953 at Pittsburgh. It was released 15 June 1954 from active federal service and reverted to state control; federal recognition concurrently withdrawn from the 28th Signal Company (NGUS). It was then expanded, reorganized, and redesignated 1 June 1959 as the 28th Signal Battalion with Headquarters in Pittsburgh. Location of Headquarters changed 1 August 1961 to Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.