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City Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Branding Sydney's 2CH
Slogan Easy Classics
Frequency 1170 kHz AM
First air date 15 February 1932
Format Oldies, easy listening
Transmitter coordinates 33°50′29″S 151°04′36″E / 33.8414°S 151.0767°E / -33.8414; 151.0767Coordinates: 33°50′29″S 151°04′36″E / 33.8414°S 151.0767°E / -33.8414; 151.0767
Callsign meaning Churches
Former frequencies 1210 kHz AM (1932 – 1935)
1170 kHz AM (1935 –)
Owner Oceania Capital Partners (86%)
Glenn Wheatley
John Williams
(Radio 2CH Pty Ltd)
Webcast [1]
Website http://www.2ch.com.au/

2CH is a commercial radio station in Sydney, Australia, at 1170 kHz AM. It broadcasts an oldies format, and is aimed at an older age demographic. In January 2017 2CH was sold to a consortium of Oceania Capital Partners, Glenn Wheatley and John Williams.


The old 2CH transmitter in Ermington
The old 2CH transmitter

2CH commenced broadcasting on 15 February 1932 on 1210 kHz.[2][3] It moved to its current frequency of 1170 kHz in 1935.[4] The NSW Council of Churches was its licence holder until it was sold to John Singleton in April 1994 becoming part of the Macquarie Radio Network.[5] The CH stands for "Churches". The Council continues to have a significant input in the format of the station.[6] Nevertheless, from the station's opening in 1932 until its sale in 1994, the NSW Council of Churches sub let the licence to Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) who provided program content for six days per week, with the Council of Churches being responsible for programming on Sundays.

In January 2017 2CH was sold to a consortium of Oceania Capital Partners, Glenn Wheatley and John Williams for $5.6 million.[7] The station had to be sold to comply with an undertaking given to the Australian Communications and Media Authority following the merger of the Macquarie Radio Network and Fairfax Media (owners of 2GB and 2UE respectively) to comply with legislation allowing one party to only control two radio stations in a market.

Church Thanksgiving[edit]


As a nod to 2CH's Christian roots, the station carries Christian announcements during most commercial breaks on Sundays, amongst its regular music programming and commercials. Some of the Sunday Christian programming on 2CH include Sunday at 7.30 Morning Service Talk and Nightsong with Kel Richards at 8 pm, as well as a brief one minute Christian News Commentary from the NSW Council of Churches played following the news at 9am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 5 pm; its presenters include the Rev. Bob Smith, Rev. David Reay as well as the Anglican Deaconess Margaret Rodgers.[9] During the week, Edmonstone has a one-minute inspirational feature preceding the news at 4 am, with Smith's 60-second feature, Guideposts, heard before the news at 7 am and 3 pm.

The breakfast programme, 2CH Breakfast, began in early 2010 currently hosted by Gareth McCray, The Bob Rogers show remains the flagship program at 2CH with many celebrity interviews, cooking and lifestyle segments, competitions and giveaways. Afternoons and Drive consist of mainly music, with the announcer usually talking every four songs. On Saturday nights Bob Rogers hosts Reminiscing 6pm-midnight, during his programme, focusing on artists and topics of the pre-rock era. Weekends usually consist of an All Music Weekend, a themed music weekend usually promoting a particular artist or music genre.

In addition, Seven News anchor Mark Ferguson, previews his Sydney-only bulletin weekdays at around 4:55 pm, before 2CH's own Macquarie National News bulletin at 5 pm.



  • Gareth McCray OAM (Weekday breakfast 5:00am - 9am)
  • Bob Rogers (Weekday mornings 9am - 12pm)
  • Kel Richards (Weekday afternoons 12pm - 3pm)
  • Ian Rogerson (Weekday Drive 3pm - 7pm)
  • Johnny Young (Weeknights 7pm- 12am)
  • Overnights on 2CH (12am - 5am)

Weekends: Saturday:

  • Overnights on 2CH (12am - 6am)
  • Saturday Breakfast with Dave Ferguson (6am - 12pm)
  • Saturday Afternoon with Ward Everaardt (12pm - 6pm)
  • Reminiscing with Bob Rogers (6pm - 12am)


  • Overnights on 2CH (12am - 6am)
  • Sunday Breakfast with Dave Ferguson (6am - 12pm)
  • Sunday Afternoon with Ward Everaardt (12pm - 6pm)
  • The Elvis Presley Show with Kel Richards (6pm - 8pm)
  • Kel Richards ("Nightsong") (Sunday evenings 8pm - 9pm)
  • Kel Richards (Sunday nights 9pm - 12am)

Radio Ratings Survey[edit]

According to the first 2007 Nielsen radio ratings survey on 21 February 2007, Bob Rogers's Morning show became the fourth most heard radio programme for that particular timeslot in Sydney, beating John Laws on 2UE. Overall, 2CH has jumped above 2UE to claim sixth place.[10][11][12]

In the April 2007 ratings period, 2CH had tied in eighth place for breakfast radio with 2MMM's The Shebang.[13]

The final survey of 2016 showed the total 2CH listenership averaged 4.3% of the audience,[14] a slight rise from 4% the year prior.[15]


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