2D gel analysis software

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This page is a subsection of Gel electrophoresis.

2D gel analysis software typically serve four purposes:

  • analyze bio-markers by quantifying individual proteins
  • showing the separation between one or more protein "spots" on a scanned image of a 2-DE gel
  • match spots between gels of similar samples to show, for example, proteomic differences between early and advanced stages of an illness
  • in depth analysis

Alignment viewers/editors[edit]

Name Formats Supported License Developers
Delta2D commercial Decodon
ImageMaster 2D Platinum commercial GE Healthcare
Melanie 2D gel and Western blot .tiff, .gel, .mel, .img, .gsc, .1sc commercial GeneBio
PDQuest commercial Bio-Rad Laboratories
Samespots commercial TotalLab
REDFIN commercial Ludesi
SpotMap 2D gel and Western blot .tiff, .jpg, .gel, .img and .mel Commercial TotalLab

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