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2K Play
Subsidiary of 2K Games
Industry Computer and video games
Interactive entertainment
Founded 1992 (as Global Star Software)
2007 (as 2K Play)
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Products Video games
Owner Take-Two Interactive
Parent 2K Games
Website Official website

2K Play is a Canadian video game developer based in Toronto, Canada, that primarily publishes family and budget-priced titles which is a wholly owned subsidiary of 2K Games, itself a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. It encompasses the former Global Star Software label that was founded in 1992 by Ari Firestone and was later sold to Take-Two Interactive. Global Star Software became 2K Play in 2007.

Games published by Global Star Software/2K Play[edit]

Global Star Software:

  • Siege Of Avalon
  • Final Stretch

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