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2K or 2-K may refer to:


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Video games[edit]

Video game publishers[edit]

Subsidiaries of Take-Two Interactive
  • 2K Boston, see Irrational Games, a subsidiary 2K Games
  • 2K Sports, a sports video game publishing subsidiary of 2K Games
  • 2K Play, a family and budget video game publishing subsidiary of 2K Games
  • 2K China, established in 2006 to create localized Chinese video games
  • 2K Czech, a first-person and third-person shooter game developer based in Brno and Prague
  • 2K Marin, develops new intellectual property and co-develop products with other 2K studios

Video games[edit]


  • 2K-tan, see OS-tan, Japanese Internet meme
  • Chaparral 2K, see Chaparral Cars was a United States automobile racing team which built race cars from 1963 through 1970.
  • MSW 2K, see Windows 2000
  • 2K, a model of Toyota K engine
  • Two kingdoms doctrine, theological concept of separate domains for earthly and spiritual power
  • 2k-2crore in Gulf Air Company to MD A.C.Ramesh

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