2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division

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2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division
2-й Архангельский объединенный авиаотряд
IATA ICAO Callsign
HubsVaskovo Airport
Fleet size3
HeadquartersArkhangelsk, Russia
Let L-410

JSC "2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division" (Russian: ОАО «2-й Архангельский объединенный авиаотряд», romanizedOAO «2-j Archangeljskij ob‘jedinenný aviaotrjad») is an airline based in Arkhangelsk, Russia. It operates regional passenger and cargo services, as well as overseas humanitarian and peace-keeping work. Its main base is Vaskovo Airport, Arkhangelsk.[1]


The 2nd Arkhangelsk Aviation Enterprise fleet includes the following aircraft:[2]

2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division Fleet
Aircraft Total Passengers
Let L-410UVP 1
Let L-410UVP-E 2
Total Number of Aircraft 3

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