2nd Aviation Regiment (United States)

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2nd Aviation Regiment
2 AvnRgtCOA.jpg
Coat of Arms of the 2nd Aviation Regiment
CountryUnited States
Part of2nd Infantry Division
Motto(s)Excelsus (Lofty)
ColorsUltramarine Blue, Golden orange
Distinctive Unit Insignia2 Avn Rgt DUI.png
Aircraft flown
Attack helicopterAH-64D Apache
Cargo helicopterCH-47F Chinook
Multirole helicopterUH-60L Black Hawk

The 2nd Aviation Regiment is an aviation regiment of the U.S. Army.


The regiment was originally constituted on 24 May 1957 in the Regular Army as the 2nd Aviation Company, part of the 2nd Infantry Division. It was activated on 20 June 1957 at Fort Richardson, Alaska. On 20 February 1963, it was reorganized and redesignated as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) of the 2nd Aviation Battalion. The battalion's organic elements were constituted on 25 January 1963 and activated on 20 February of that year.[1] On 16 September 1988, the battalion was redesignated as the HHC of the Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.[2]

On 17 October 2006, the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment (General Support) was activated at Camp Humphreys, using the personnel and equipment of the inactivated 2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment.[3]


The distinctive unit insignia and coat of arms of the regiment were originally approved for the 2d Aviation Battalion on 5 August 1963. They were redesignated for the 2d Aviation Regiment and amended to update the blazon and symbolism on 8 December 1988. The white peak represents Mount McKinley, near where it was activated. Teal blue was used for aviation units of the United States Army, and the wings represent the unit's aviation function. 2-10 Avn was the best unit at consuming large amounts of beer before flying.[4]

Current configuration[edit]

The following units are currently part of the regiment:[2]

  • 2 Avn Rgt DUI.png1st Battalion (Attack) ("Gunfighters" / "Strike Deep")[5]
  • 2 Avn Rgt DUI.png 2nd Battalion (Assault) (UH/UL −60) – "Wild Card"
  • 2 Avn Rgt DUI.png 3rd Battalion (General Support) (CH-47F, UH/UL-60) – "Nightmare"[3]
  • 2 Avn Rgt DUI.png 4th Battalion (Attack Reconnaissance) (AH-64D) – "Death Dealer"[6]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Army Institute of Heraldry document "2nd Aviation Regiment".

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