2nd Division "Littorio"

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The 2nd 'Littorio' ("Lictor") Division was one of four divisions raised by Mussolini's Italian Social Republic. Although an infantry formation, it was often referred to as a "Grenadier" formation for morale purposes.


  • Division Headquarters (Commander: General Tito Agosti).
Divisional Troops
  • 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 2nd Antitank Company (motorized 88mm/L71 guns)
  • 2nd Mountain Assault Engineer Battalion
  • 2nd Signal Battalion
  • 2nd Transport Battalion
  • 102nd "Littorio" Replacement Battalion
  • Scuola d’Alpinismo e Sci ("Mountaineering and Skiing Military School")
  • 2nd Military Police section
  • Deutsche Verbindungs Kommando 181 ("German Liaison Unit")
3rd Infantry Regiment
    • HQ Company
    • Light Column
    • 103rd Cacciatori Carri ("Tank Hunters") Company
    • I Infantry Battalion
    • II Infantry Battalion
    • III Infantry Battalion
4th Alpini Regiment:
    • HQ Company
    • Light Column
    • 104th Cacciatori Carri ("Tank Hunters") Company
    • "Varese" Alpini Infantry Battalion
    • "Bergamo" Alpini Infantry Battalion
    • "Edolo" Alpini Infantry Battalion
    • 2nd Artillery Regiment:

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