2nd Fighter Corps (Germany)

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II. Jagdkorps
German 2nd Fighter Corps
Active 15 September 1943 – 26 January 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Balkenkreuz.svg Luftwaffe
Type Corps
Decorations reference in the Wehrmachtbericht 5 October 1944
Dietrich Peltz

II. Jagdkorps[1] (2nd Fighter Corps) was formed 15 September 1943 in Chantilly from Höherer Jagdfliegerführer West. II. Jagdkorps was subordinated to Luftflotte 3, and from 26 September 1944 on to Luftwaffenkommando West. On 26 January 1945 the Corps was disbanded, and used to form the 14. Flieger-Divisionen and 15. Flieger-Divisionen. The headquarters was located at Chantilly and from August 1944 in Rochefort, from 10 September 1944 at Flammersfeld near Koblenz.

Commanding officers[edit]

Subordinated units[edit]

Jagdfliegerführer Bretagne 5th Fighter Division (Germany) 4th Fighter Division (Germany)


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