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Gaudí Awards
Awarded for Best in film
Location Catalonia, Spain
Presented by Acadèmia del Cinema Català
First awarded 2009
Website Gaudí Awards

The Gaudí Awards, known in Catalan as Premis Gaudí, are the main film awards in the Catalan Countries, celebrated annually in Barcelona, Spain. The awards were established in 2009 by the Catalan Academy of Cinema[1] as a continuation and expansion of the Barcelona Cinema Awards (Premis Barcelona de Cinema), originally established in 2002.[2]

The trophy was designed by Montse Ribé and is inspired by the chimneys of Antoni Gaudi's la Pedrera.[3]

Award categories[edit]

Past ceremonies[edit]

The following is a listing of all Gaudí Awards ceremonies.

Ceremony Date Best Film in Catalan Language Host(s) Venue
1st Gaudí Awards[4] January 19, 2009 El cant dels ocells
(Albert Serra)
Clara Segura Coliseum (Barcelona)
2nd Gaudí Awards[5] February 1, 2010 Tres dies amb la família
(Mar Coll)
Dafnis Balduz, Santi Ibáñez, Santi Millán, Clara Segura Coliseum (Barcelona)
3rd Gaudí Awards[6] January 17, 2011 Pa negre (Black Bread)
Agustí Villaronga
Quim Masferrer Artèria Paral·lel (Barcelona)
4th Gaudí Awards February 6, 2012 EVA
Kike Maíllo
Xavi Mira, Alba Florejachs Artèria Paral·lel (Barcelona)
5th Gaudí Awards February 3, 2013 Blancaneu (Blancanieves / Snow White)
Pablo Berger
Andreu Buenafuente Palau dels Esports (Barcelona)
6th Gaudí Awards February 2, 2014 La plaga (The Plague)
Neus Ballús
Àngel Llàcer Palau dels Esports (Barcelona)
7th Gaudí Awards February 1, 2015 Rastres de Sàndal (Traces of Sandalwood)
Maria Ripoll
Àngel Llàcer Sant Jordi Club (Barcelona)


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