2nd Parliament of the Province of Canada

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The 2nd Parliament of the Province of Canada was in session from November 28, 1844 to December 1847. Elections for the Legislative Assembly were held in the Province of Canada in October 1844. All sessions were held at Montreal, Canada East.

The Speaker of this parliament was Allan Napier MacNab.

Canada East[edit]

Riding Member Party
Beauharnois Eden Colvile Tory
Bellechasse Augustin-Norbert Morin Patriote
Berthier David Morrison Armstrong Patriote
Bonaventure John Le Boutillier Conservative
Chambly Louis Lacoste Patriote
Champlain Louis Guillet Patriote
Deux-Montagnes William Henry Scott Reformer
Dorchester Pierre-Elzéar Taschereau[1] Patriote
Joseph-André Taschereau (1845)[2] Patriote
François-Xavier Lemieux (1847) Patriote
Drummond Robert Nugent Watts Conservative
Gaspé Robert Christie Independent
Huntingdon Benjamin-Henri Le Moine Patriote
Kamouraska Amable Berthelot Patriote
Leinster Jacob De Witt Patriote
L'Islet Étienne-Paschal Taché Patriote
Lotbinière Joseph Laurin Patriote
Mégantic Dominick Daly Conservative
Missisquoi James Smith [3] Conservative
William Badgley (1847) Conservative
Montmorency Joseph-Édouard Cauchon Patriote
Montréal George Moffatt Tory
Montréal Clément-Charles Sabrevois de Bleury Conservative
Montréal (county) André Jobin Reformer
Nicolet Antoine-Prosper Méthot Patriote
Ottawa Denis-Benjamin Papineau Reformer
Portneuf Lewis Thomas Drummond Reformer
Quebec County Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau Reformer
Quebec City Thomas Cushing Aylwin Patriote
Quebec City Jean Chabot Conservative
Richelieu Wolfred Nelson Patriote
Rimouski Louis Bertrand Patriote
Rouville Timothée Franchère Patriote
Saguenay Marc-Pascal de Sales Laterrière (1845)[4] Patriote
St. Hyacinthe Thomas Boutillier Patriote
Saint-Maurice François Lesieur Desaulniers Patriote
Shefford Sewell Foster Conservative
Sherbrooke Edward Hale Conservative
Sherbrooke (county) Samuel Brooks Conservative
Stanstead John McConnell Conservative
Terrebonne Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Patriote
Trois-Rivières Edward Greive[5] Conservative
Denis-Benjamin Viger (1845) Patriote
Vaudreuil Jacques-Philippe Lantier Patriote
Verchères James Leslie Patriote
Yamaska Léon Rousseau Patriote


Canada West[edit]

Riding Member Party
Brockville George Sherwood Tory
Bytown William Stewart Conservative
Carleton James Johnston [6] Reformer
George Lyon (1846) Conservative
Cornwall Rolland Macdonald [7]
John Hillyard Cameron (1846) Conservative
Dundas George Macdonnell
Durham John Tucker Williams Tory
Essex John Prince
Frontenac Henry Smith, Jr Conservative
Glengarry John Sandfield Macdonald Reformer
Grenville Hamilton Dibble Jessup Conservative
Haldimand David Thompson
East Halton George Chalmers Conservative
West Halton James Webster Conservative
Hamilton Allan Napier MacNab Conservative
Hastings Edmund Murney
Huron William Dunlop [8] Conservative
William Cayley (1846) Conservative
Kent Samuel Bealey Harrison [9] Reformer
Joseph Woods (1845) Conservative
Kingston John A. Macdonald Conservative
Lanark Malcolm Cameron Reformer
Leeds Ogle Robert Gowan Conservative
Lennox & Addington Benjamin Seymour Tory
North Lincoln County William Hamilton Merritt Reformer
South Lincoln James Cummings Conservative
London Lawrence Lawrason [10] Conservative
William Henry Draper (1845) [11] Conservative
John Wilson (1847) Conservative
Middlesex Edward Ermatinger Conservative
Niagara (town) Walter Hamilton Dickson
Norfolk Israel Wood Powell
North Northumberland Adam H Meyers
South Northumberland George Barker Hall Conservative
Oxford Robert Riddell Conservative
Prescott Neil Stewart
Prince Edward John Philip Roblin [12] Reformer
Roger B Conger (1847)
Russell Archibald Petrie Conservative
Simcoe William Benjamin Robinson Conservative
Stormont Donald Aeneas MacDonell
Toronto William Henry Boulton Conservative
Toronto Henry Sherwood Conservative
Wentworth Harmannus Smith
1st York James Hervey Price
2nd York George Duggan Conservative
3rd York James Edward Small [13] Reformer
George Monro (1844) Conservative
4th York Robert Baldwin Reformer


Preceded by
1st Parliament of the Province of Canada
Parliaments in the Province of Canada
Succeeded by
3rd Parliament of the Province of Canada


  1. ^ died in July 1845; Joseph-André Taschereau was elected in a by-election held in September 1845.
  2. ^ resigned in May 1847 to become a judge; François-Xavier Lemieux was elected in a by-election held in July 1847.
  3. ^ resigned after being named judge; William Badgley was elected in a by-election held in June 1847.
  4. ^ Augustin-Norbert Morin was elected in both Bellechasse and Saguenay, choosing to sit in Bellechasse; Marc-Pascal de Sales Laterrière was elected to represent Saguenay in an 1845 by-election.
  5. ^ died in June 1845; Denis-Benjamin Viger was elected in a by-election held in July 1845.
  6. ^ resigned in May 1846; George Lyon was elected in a by-election held in June 1846.
  7. ^ resigned his seat in 1846 to allow John Hillyard Cameron to be elected in a by-election in August 1846.
  8. ^ resigned to accept an appointment; this allowed William Cayley to run for his seat in February 1846.
  9. ^ resigned in 1845 to accept an appointment; Joseph Woods won the seat in a by-election.
  10. ^ gave up his seat so that William Henry Draper could lead the government in the assembly.
  11. ^ resigned in 1847 and John Wilson won the seat in a by-election.
  12. ^ resigned in 1846 to accept other appointments in Prince Edward County; R B Conger was elected to his seat in a by-election.
  13. ^ disqualified in 1844; George Monro was declared elected.

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