2nd Royal Bavarian Uhlans

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2nd Royal Bavarian Uhlans
BranchBavarian Army
Part of4th Cavalry Brigade
EngagementsFranco-Prussian War
First World War
Otto of Bavaria

The 2nd Royal Bavarian Uhlan Regiment (German: Königliche Bayerische 2. Ulanen Regiment "König") was a Bavarian Army Cavalry Regiment formed in 1863 in Ansbach. From 6 July 1864 it was nominally commanded by King Ludwig II of Bavaria until he was succeeded by King Otto of Bavaria on 13 June 1886.

Peacetime service and uniform[edit]

The regiment was part of the 4th Cavalry Brigade of then II Royal Bavarian Army Corps and later III Royal Bavarian Army Corps. The peacetime uniform was of dark green with crimson plastron and facings. A czapka with crimson top and white plume was worn in full dress.[1]

Active Service[edit]

During the Franco-Prussian War the 2.Ulanen Regiment fought at Worth and Sedan in August and September 1870. It then undertook patrol work during the Siege of Paris.

In August 1914 the regiment saw action at the Battle of the Marne and in Flanders. It was subsequently transferred to the Eastern Front.[2]


In common with the other Royal Bavarian cavalry regiments, the 2.Ulanen Regiment was disbanded in February 1919. Between the wars its traditions were preserved by the 2nd Squadron of the Reiter-Regiment Nr. 17 which formed part of the garrison of Ansbach.

List of Officers - 1863[edit]

Position Rank (English) Rank (German) Name
Commander Colonel Oberst Philipp Freiherr von Diez
Staff Officer Major Major Johann Feichtmayr
Staff Officer Major Major Karl von Grundherr zu Altenthann und Weyerhaus
Staff Officer Captain Rittmeister Friedrich Faber
1. Escadron Captain Rittmeister Gustav Oertel
2. Escadron Captain Rittmeister Adolf Cronnenbold
3. Escadron Captain Rittmeister Karl Fels
4. Escadron Captain Rittmeister Oskar von Sichlern
First Lieutenant Oberlieutenant Karl von Bieber
First Lieutenant Oberlieutenant Ludwig Freiherr von Riedheim
First Lieutenant Oberlieutenant Ferdinand Freiherr von Schrottenberg
First Lieutenant Oberlieutenant Ferdinand Syller
Regiment Adjunct Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Edmund von Morett
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Friedrich Graf von Fugger-Babenhausen
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Friedrich von Schütz
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Albert Freiherr von Rotberg
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Friedrich Freiherr von Crailsheim
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Leopold Freiherr von Andrian-Werburg
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Georg Vogel
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Christoph Freiherr von Reitzenstein
Second Lieutenant Unterlieutenant Gustav von Gernler
Officer Cadet Junker Wilhelm Freiherr von Feilitzsch
Officer Cadet Junker Alexander Freiherr von Falkenhausen
Battalion Doctor Bataillonsarzt Dr. Johann Fahrnholz
Battalion Doctor Bataillonsarzt Dr. Michael Nigst
Doctor Unterarzt Dr. Ludwig Kreitmair
Unterquartiermeister Jakob Schütz
Unterquartiermeister Andreas Henninger
Division Veterinarian Divisionsveterinärarzt Friedrich Steinhäuser
Veterinarian Unterveterinärarzt Johann Köhler
Veterinarian Unterveterinärarzt Maximilian Wägele

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