2nd Streamy Awards

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2nd Annual Streamy Awards
Genre Awards Show
Presented by International Academy of Web Television
Location(s) Orpheum Theatre,
Los Angeles, California[1]
Original release April 7, 2010 (Craft awards)
April 11, 2010
Preceded by 1st Streamy Awards
Followed by 3rd Streamy Awards
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The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards were held on Sunday, April 11, 2010, at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Paul Scheer served as the host of the presentation.[2] Over 1,500 audience members were in attendance. The show was broadcast live by multiple distributors including TV.com and Ustream.tv.

Nominees and Winners[edit]

The nominees were announced on March 1 by web celebrity Shira Lazar and Jim Festante. Winners of the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards were announced on April 11, 2010 at the Orpheum Theatre.[3] Winners of the Craft Awards were held four days earlier (April 7) at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater. They were hosted by Jim Festante.

Best Comedy Web Series Best Dramatic Web Series
Best Hosted Web Series Best Reality or Documentary Web Series
Best News or Politics Web Series Best Foreign Web Series
Best New Web Series Best Companion Web Series
Best Animated Web Series Best Branded Entertainment Web Series
Best Experimental Web Series Audience Choice Award for Best Web Series
Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series Best Directing for a Dramatic Web Series
Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series Best Writing for a Dramatic Web Series
Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Best Male Actor in a Dramatic Web Series Best Female Actor in a Dramatic Web Series
Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series Best Guest Star in a Web Series
Best Web Series Host Best Vlogger
Best Editing Best Cinematography
  • Christopher Charles Kempinski for cinematography in Riese
    • Robert Lam for cinematography in Mountain Man
    • XiaoSu Han, Andreas Thalhammer for cinematography in LUMINA
    • Michael Lohmann for cinematography in Circle of Eight
    • Carl Herse for cinematography in Angel of Death
Best Art Direction Best Sound Design
  • Rick Gilbert for art direction in Green Porno
    • Kit Pennebaker for art direction in $99 Music Videos
    • Matt Enlow for art direction in Mountain Man
    • Chad Krowchuk for art direction in Riese
    • Kim Bailey for art direction in Tiki Bar TV
    • Thierry Chaze for art direction in The Coat
  • Kunal Rajan for sound design in Fear Clinic
    • Bill Mellow and Kevin Belen for sound design in Riese
    • Michael Miller for sound design in Mountain Man
    • Seth Talley for sound design in Rockville, CA
    • Randy Kiss for sound design in The Vetala
Best Animation Best Visual Effects
  • Jason Bergman, Nicholas Onstad, Bethany Onstad, Jason Knetge, Erik Porn, Ikuo Saito, and David Dang for visual effects in Fear Clinic
    • Reece Sanders and Clayton Jacobson for visual effects in Mordy Koots
    • Erik Beck for visual effects in Backyard FX
    • Tom Konkle, Thor Melsted, and Mike Smith for visual effects in Safety Geeks: SVI
    • Jeff Bell, Zack Finfrock, and Brett Register for visual effects in The Crew
Best Live Production in a Web Series Best Original Music
Best Product Integration in a Web Series Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series
Best Mobile Experience in a Web Series
  • Valemont
    • AT&T Life Without Mobile
    • Mr. Wrong
    • Playboy: Interns
    • Seth on Survival


The presentation was poorly received.[4] This was due to its several technical failures.[5] Such technical failures included the video How to Get Nominated for a Streamy, created by the Fine Brothers stopping midway through its presentation.[6]

Its execution was also poorly received.[5] Streakers and the "molestation" of Chris Hardwick and Lisa Nova also led to negative reception of the presentation.[5][7] This caused the International Academy of Web Television to depart from the presentation of the award show, resulting in a two-year hiatus of the Streamys.[8]

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