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Artist 2wenty.jpeg
Self Portrait, by 2wenty in 2013
George Barshid Mccollon

OccupationArtist, photographer
Years active2011–present

2wenty is an American mixed-media artist and photographer from Los Angeles. He is known for using light as the central theme in his work. 2wenty comes from a background in lighting television and film which gives him an intimate understanding of how light works. The sources of light he utilizes for his light paintings are handmade, as well as creating the LED paintings by hand. His works can be viewed both nationally and internationally in Los Angeles, Miami, and London.

Art career[edit]

Facebook Social Cigarettes poster by 2wenty, 2011

2wenty first emerged in 2011, when his Facebook Social Cigarettes posters started appearing in technology blogs all over the internet and on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco.[1] The posters featured a pack of cigarettes with the Facebook logo and a tag that read, "Social Cigarettes."[2] He created over one hundred of the posters, comparing Facebook consumption with that of "cancer sticks."[3] 2wenty also created three-dimensional versions of the posters, complete with a surgeon general warning, "Facebook may cause loss of time, poor work ethic, obesity, social disorder and possible interference of destiny. Use at your own risk."

2wenty has had multiple collaborations with fellow aritst, Gregory Siff, in addition to This Means Mar. In December 2013, 2wenty was invited by Mar to show and create one of his "signature" light paintings at his solo show 'I Crave Love', which was held at Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles.[4][5]

His works have been exhibited in Los Angeles,[6] San Francisco, Washington D.C. and at Miami's Art Basel.[7][8] He has been featured in Forbes,[9][10] Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, LA Canvas, Leveled Magazine,[11] Melrose and Fairfax,[12] Gawker and as background themes for the, "My Yahoo", main page on Yahoo.com.


"Lightman", Los Angeles, 2013, Photograph by 2wenty

2wenty expands his oeuvre into light painting photography. Through long exposures, the camera captures not only the subject, but also the source of light the artist moves across his "canvas". Within these detailed images," There is a depth and other worldliness that records both place and passage of time", says 2wenty.[13][14]

"Untitled", Malibu 2012, Photograph by 2wenty

Art exhibitions[edit]


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