3. deild karla

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3. deild karla
Country  Iceland
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1997
1982 (as 4. deild karla)
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 4
Promotion to 2. deild karla
Relegation to 4. deild karla
Domestic cup(s) Bikarkeppni karla
Current champions Höttur

3. deild karla (e. Men's Third division) is a football league in Iceland.[1] It is the fourth level, and second-lowest division, in the Icelandic football league system. Current champions are Höttur. The league was reformed into a 10-team double round-robin tournament for the 2013 season, with the introduction of the newly established 5th level of the Icelandic football league system, 4. deild karla.

Previous formats[edit]

Ever since 1982, the first season of the 3. deild (then named 4. deild), and throughout the 2012 season, the 3. deild had been the lowest division in the league system and as a consequence didn't have a fixed amount of teams. All who wished to enter and could fill certain requirements were allowed to compete, and between each season some teams quit and some new teams came in, sometimes after having previously quit. There were various formats used in the 31 seasons the 3. deild was the lowest league, the latest version using group stages and then eight-team playoffs to decide two promoted teams.[2]

Current format[edit]

As of 2013, the 3. deild will be a nationwide league of 10 teams, with each team playing each other once home and once away for a total of 18 games per team. The two highest placed teams are promoted to 2. deild karla while the two lowest teams are relegated to 4. deild karla.[3]

2013 season[edit]

In 2013 the league consisted of the two teams relegated from 2. deild karla the year before, the six teams that reached the playoffs in the previous 3. deild but did not gain promotion to 2. deild, and two teams who were decided in a playoff between the four clubs in 3rd place in their groups.

3. deild karla clubs 2015[edit]


Club Finishing position last season
Álftanes 1st in 4. deild karla
Berserkir 3rd in 3. deild karla
Einherji 8th in 3. deild karla
Kári 2nd in 4. deild karla
KFR 5th in 3. deild karla
KFS 3rd in 4. deild karla
Magni 7th in 3. deild karla
Reynir S. 12th in 2. deild karla
Víðir 4th in 3. deild karla
Völsungur 11th in 2. deild karla

Past winners[edit]

Promoted teams shown in green

Year Winners Runners-up 3rd Place 4th Place
1997 KS Tindastóll Afturelding Ernir Í.
1998 Sindri Léttir Hvöt Leiknir F.
1999 Afturelding KÍB Njarðvík Huginn/Höttur
2000 Haukar Nökkvi Þróttur N. Fjölnir
2001 HK Völsungur Njarðvík1 KFS
2002 KFS Fjölnir Fjarðabyggð Leiknir F.
2003 Vikingur Ó. Leiknir R. Númi Höttur
2004 Huginn Fjarðabyggð Skallagrímur Reynir S.
2005 Reynir S. Sindri Grótta Leiknir F.
2006 Höttur Magni ÍH2 Kári
20073 Grótta Hamar Hvöt Víðir
2008 Hamrarnir/Vinir4 BÍ/Bolungarvík KV Skallagrímur
2009 Völsungur KV Hvíti riddarinn Ýmir
2010 Tindastóll Dalvík/Reynir Árborg5 KB
2011 KV KFR KB Magni
20126 Sindri Ægir Leiknir F. Magni
2013 Fjarðabyggð Huginn KFR Víðir
2014 Höttur Leiknir F. Berserkir Víðir

1 - Njarðvík promoted due to the merger of the 1. deild clubs Leiftur and Dalvík.
2 - ÍH promoted due to expansion of 1. deild karla to 12 teams.
3 - Tindastóll also promoted due to expansion of Úrvalsdeild karla and 2. deild karla to 12 teams.
4 - Upon promotion Hamrarnir/Vinir merged with the relegated ÍH to form ÍH/HV
5 - Árborg promoted as Tindastóll merged with 2. deild karla side Hvöt, creating a new team called Tindastóll/Hvöt, playing in the 2. deild karla.
6 - Teams that finished in 3rd-10th place (Leiknir F, Magni, Huginn, Kári, ÍH, Víðir, Augnablik and Grundarfjörður) were the only teams remaining for the 2013 season, a ten-team league consisting of those 8 teams plus Fjarðabyggð and KFR who came down from 2. deild karla. The remaining teams joined a new lowest division that launched in 2013.