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Former women's record holder Gulnara Samitova-Galkina improved the mark three times.

The official world records in the 3000 metres steeplechase are held by Saif Saaeed Shaheen of Qatar at 7:53.63 minutes for men and Ruth Jebet of Bahrain at 8:52.78 for women.

The first 3000 m steeplechase world record to be ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) was a run of 8:49.6 minutes by Hungarian Sándor Rozsnyói in 1954.[1] There are earlier records of times run for the event, but none have been recognised by the IAAF. Sweden's Josef Ternström was one of the earliest men to complete the event in under ten minutes with his time of 9:49.8 minutes in 1914. Another Swede, Erik Elmsäter, dipped under nine minutes in 1944.[2] The first person to run the steeplechase in under eight minutes was Moses Kiptanui of Kenya, who ran it in 7:59.18 on 16 August 1995, in Zürich, Switzerland.

The women's 3000 m steeplechase was recognised as an official world record event at a much later date. It did not feature at the World Championships in Athletics until 2005 and made its Olympic debut in 2008. Following the recognition of the event, Justyna Bak's time of 9:25.31 minutes was ratified as the first official women's world record.[1] Earlier records also exist for women, with Romania's Daniela Petrescu having run the first sub-10-minute time of 9:55.28 minutes in 1998.[3] Current women's record holder Jebet, Gulnara Samitova-Galkina, and Celliphine Chespol[4] are the only women to have run it in under nine minutes.

On 16 August 2002, Brahim Boulami of Morocco ran 7:53.17 but this has not been ratified by the IAAF, as Boulami was banned for two years in 2003 after testing positive for EPO.[5]

A total of 32 men's and 7 women's world records have been ratified by the IAAF for the men's event.[1]


Manual timing[edit]

Belgium's Gaston Roelants broke the world record the year before and the year after his steeplechase gold medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics.
Time Athlete Location Date
8:49.6  Sándor Rozsnyói (HUN) Bern 1954-08-28
8:47.8  Pentti Karvonen (FIN) Helsinki 1955-07-01
8:45.4  Pentti Karvonen (FIN) Oslo 1955-07-15
8:45.4  Vasiliy Vlasenko (URS) Moscow 1955-08-18
8:41.2  Jerzy Chromik (POL) Brno 1955-08-31
8:40.2  Jerzy Chromik (POL) Budapest 1955-09-11
8:39.8  Semyon Rzhishchin (URS) Moscow 1956-08-14
8:35.6  Sándor Rozsnyói (HUN) Budapest 1956-09-16
8:35.5  Semyon Rzhishchin (URS) Tallinn 1958-07-21
8:32.0  Jerzy Chromik (POL) Warsaw 1958-08-02
8:31.4  Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak (POL) Tula 1960-06-26
8:31.2  Grigoriy Taran (URS) Kiev 1961-05-28
8:30.4  Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak (POL) Wałcz 1961-06-26
8:29.6  Gaston Roelants (BEL) Leuven 1963-09-07
8:26.4  Gaston Roelants (BEL) Leuven 1965-08-07
8:24.2  Jouko Kuha (FIN) Stockholm 1968-07-17
8:22.2  Vladimir Dudin (URS) Kiev 1969-08-19
8:22.0  Kerry O'Brien (AUS) Berlin 1970-07-04
8:20.8  Anders Gärderud (SWE) Helsinki 1972-09-14
8:20.8  Ben Jipcho (KEN) Lagos 1973-01-15
8:19.8  Ben Jipcho (KEN) Helsinki 1973-06-19
8:14.0  Ben Jipcho (KEN) Helsinki 1973-06-27
8:10.4  Anders Gärderud (SWE) Oslo 1975-06-25
8:09.8  Anders Gärderud (SWE) Stockholm 1975-07-01
8:08.2  Anders Gärderud (SWE) Montreal 1976-07-28
8:05.4  Henry Rono (KEN) Seattle 1978-05-13

Electronic timing[edit]

Saif Saaeed Shaheen, formerly Stephen Cherono of Kenya, is the current record holder.
Time Athlete Location Date
8:05.35  Peter Koech (KEN) Stockholm 1989-07-03
8:02.08  Moses Kiptanui (KEN) Zürich 1992-08-19
7:59.18  Moses Kiptanui (KEN) Zürich 1995-08-16
7:59.08  Wilson Boit Kipketer (KEN) Zürich 1997-08-13
7:55.72  Bernard Barmasai (KEN) Cologne 1997-08-24
7:55.28  Brahim Boulami (MAR) Brussels 2001-08-24
7:53.63  Saif Saaeed Shaheen (QAT) [nb] Brussels 2004-09-03
  • nb Until 2002 Saif Saaeed Shaheen was known as Stephen Cherono, and represented Kenya.


  • (All electronic timing)
Romania's Cristina Casandra ran world best times before the women's event gained official recognition.


Time Athlete Location Date
10:34.5  Sara Heeb (USA) Walnut 1996-04-20
10:30.2  Grace Padilla (USA) Los Angeles 1996-05-17
10:23.47  Courtney Meldrum (USA) Atlanta 1996-06-23
10:19.6  Karen Harvey (CAN) Walnut 1998-04-18
9:55.28  Daniela Petrescu (ROM) Bucharest 1998-06-21
9:48.88  Yelena Motalova (RUS) Tula 1999-07-31
9:43.64  Cristina Casandra (ROM) Bucharest 2000-08-07
9:40.20  Cristina Casandra (ROM) Reims 2000-08-30

IAAF world records[edit]

Time Athlete Location Date
9:25.31  Justyna Bąk (POL) Nice 2001-07-09
9:22.29  Justyna Bąk (POL) Milan 2002-06-05
9:21.72  Alesya Turova (BLR) Ostrava 2002-06-12
9:16.51  Alesya Turova (BLR) Gdańsk 2002-07-27
9:08.33  Gulnara Samitova (RUS) Tula 2003-08-10
9:01.59  Gulnara Samitova (RUS) Iraklio 2004-07-04
8:58.81  Gulnara Samitova-Galkina (RUS) Beijing 2008-08-17
8:52.78  Ruth Jebet (BHR) Paris 2016-08-27


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