300th Mechanized Regiment (Ukraine)

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300th Mechanized Regiment
300 механізований полк
Regiment Insignia
Country Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Ground Forces
Type Mechanized
Part of 13th Army Corps
Garrison/HQ Chernivtsi,[1] Chernivtsi Oblast
Engagements Battle of Budapest
Battle honours Budapest
Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Bida[1]
Soviet Guards badge Гвардия.png
Ukrainian Guards badge Ukrainian guards.jpg
Mechanized branch insignia Ukr mechanized.jpg

The 300th Guards Mechanized Regiment is a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. The full name of the Brigade is the 300th Separate Guards Mechanized Budapest Regiment.[2]


The Regiment was formed as 145th Guards Training Motor-Rifle Budapest Regiment. 145 Guards TMRR was previously 145th Guards Rifle Regiment, part of 66th Guards Motor Rifle Training Division, the former 66th Guards Rifle Division. After October 30, 2000 by the order of President of Ukraine the name of the Regiment was changed to 300th Separate Guards Mechanized Budapest Regiment.[2] [3]


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