300th Military Intelligence Brigade (United States)

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300th Military Intelligence Brigade (Linguist)
300th Military Intelligence Brigade (Linguist)shoulder sleeve insignia
Country United States
Branch U.S. Army
Role Linguistic
Size 1400
Distinctive Unit Insignia 300 MI Bde DUI.png

The 300th Military Intelligence Brigade (Linguist) is a United States Army formation, subordinate to the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) part of the Utah Army National Guard and headquartered at the Utah National Guard Headquarters building in Draper, Utah.

Formed in 1988 from the 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion, the 300th provides linguistic support to the U.S. Army throughout the world. Numbering approximately 1400, with approximately 90% being trained Army linguists, the soldiers are organized as five-person teams, trained in HUMINT (such as interrogators), counterintelligence, and SIGINT (such as voice intercept and analyst) skills. The brigade covers 19 documented languages, heavily oriented toward Arabic, Persian, and Korean.


Currently, the brigade has six battalions:

  • 141 MI Bn DUI.jpg 141st Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist) (National Guard - Utah)
  • 142 MI Bn DUI.jpg 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist) (National Guard - Utah)
  • 223 MI Bn DUI.png 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion (National Guard - California)
  • 260 MI Bn DUI.png 260th Military Intelligence Battalion (National Guard - Florida)
  • 341 MI Bn DUI.jpg 341st Military Intelligence Battalion (National Guard - Washington)
  • 415 MI Bn DUI.gif 415th Military Intelligence Battalion (National Guard - Louisiana)


Units have taken part in U.S. military operations worldwide from the Gulf War to current operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, and played a major role in protecting the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

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