308th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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308th Infantry Brigade
Active Formed 22 January 1945
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Type Infantry Brigade
Role Lines of Communication

308th Infantry Brigade (308 Bde) was a formation of the British Army organised from surplus Royal Artillery (RA) personnel retrained as infantry towards the end of World War II.


By the end of 1944, 21st Army Group was suffering a severe manpower shortage, particularly among the infantry.[1] At the same time the German Luftwaffe was suffering from such shortages of pilots, aircraft and fuel that serious aerial attacks on the United Kingdom could be discounted. In January 1945 the War Office began to reorganise surplus anti-aircraft and coastal artillery regiments in the UK into infantry battalions, primarily for line of communication and occupation duties in North West Europe, thereby releasing trained infantry for frontline service.[2][3] 308th was the last of seven brigades formed from these new units.[4][5]


308th Infantry Brigade was formed on 22 January 1945 by conversion of Headquarters 61st Anti-Aircraft Brigade within 4 Anti-Aircraft Group. It was commanded by Brigadier R.R.B. Hilton and comprised the following Territorial Army RA units:[4][6]


After infantry training, including a short period attached to 38th Infantry (Reserve) Division, 308 Bde came under the orders of 21st Army Group on 27 April 1945 and landed on the Continent two days later. It came under the control of Maasforce (4–22 May) and then I Canadian Corps.[4]



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