30Minutes Night Flight

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30Minutes Night Flight
EP by Maaya Sakamoto
Released March 21, 2007
Genre J-pop
Length 29:58
Label Victor Entertainment
Producer Mitsuyoshi Tamura, maaya
Maaya Sakamoto chronology
Yūnagi Loop
30Minutes Night Flight

30Minutes Night Flight is Maaya Sakamoto's second mini-album. It was released in Japan on March 21, 2007 as a normal album version and a Limited Edition containing a DVD.[1] The limited edition DVD came with a short film created by Production I.G. The album is also available is a collectibles box set, commemorating her tenth anniversary as a singer. The set, called "30Minutes Night Flight Hatsubai Kinen Special Box" contains a sheet of stamps (with Maaya Sakamoto designs), a scarf/towel, and a letter set. This special box does not, however, contain the album CD or the DVD.

Track listing[edit]

CD (VICL-62300)
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "30Minutes Night Flight" Maaya Sakamoto Toshiaki Yamada 5:55
2. "Dreaming (ドリーミング?)" Maaya Sakamoto Kensuke Okuda 4:01
3. "Kioku: There's No End (記憶: There's No End Memories-: There's No End?)" Shōko Suzuki Shōko Suzuki 4:25
4. "Boku-tachi ga Koi wo Suru Riyū (僕たちが恋をする理由 The Reason Why We Fell in Love?)" Maaya Sakamoto Michiko Takada 5:34
5. "Setsuna (セツナ Moment?)" Toshiaki Yamada Toshiaki Yamada 4:23
6. "Universe (ユニバース?)" Maaya Sakamoto Shōko Suzuki 4:31
7. "30Minutes Night Flight: Sound of a New Day"   Toshiyuki Mori 1:09
Total length: 29:58
DVD (VIZL-222)
No. Title Production Length
1. "Universe" (Short Film) Production I.G  


Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly Albums[2] 12 29,219


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