30th Anniversary Collection (Whitesnake album)

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30th Anniversary Collection
30th Anniversary Collection.jpeg
Box set by Whitesnake
Released 2008
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock
Label EMI
Whitesnake chronology
Good to Be Bad
30th Anniversary Collection

The suitably titled 30th Anniversary Collection is a triple CD collection released in 2008, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Whitesnake. It was released by EMI[1][2] and charted at number 38 on the UK Albums Chart.[3]

In 2003 the compilation album The Silver Anniversary Collection was released featuring two CDs to celebrate the band's 25th Anniversary, but this compilation celebrating the band's 30th Anniversary features as a box set compilation consisting of three CDs. Disc one is essentially the same as the compilation The Early Years, and disc two and three are "updated" versions of the two-disc compilation The Silver Anniversary Collection.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one
1."Walking in the Shadow of the Blues" (from Lovehunter, 1979)4:20
2."Sweet Talker" (from Ready an' Willing, 1980)3:37
3."Would I Lie to You" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)4:29
4."Trouble" (from Trouble, 1978)4:48
5."Gambler" (from Slide It In, 1984)3:56
6."Love Hunter" (from Lovehunter, 1979)5:32
7."Ready an' Willing" (from Ready an' Willing, 1980)3:42
8."Child of Babylon" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)4:48
9."Here I Go Again" (from Saints & Sinners, 1982)4:59
10."Carry Your Load" (from Ready an' Willing, 1980)4:05
11."Crying in the Rain" (from Saints & Sinners, 1982)6:00
12."Rough an' Ready" (from Saints & Sinners, 1982)2:57
13."Wine, Women an' Song" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)3:44
14."Lie Down... I Think I Love You (A Modern Love Song)" (from Trouble, 1978)3:09
15."Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City (live)" (from Live...in the Heart of the City, 1980)6:13
16."Fool for Your Loving (live)" (from Live... in the Heart of the City, 1980)4:32
17."Take Me with You (live)" (from Live... in the Heart of the City, 1980)6:24
Disc two
1."Fool for Your Loving" (from Ready an' Willing, 1980)4:16
2."Don't Break My Heart Again" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)4:02
3."Hit an' Run" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)3:23
4."The Time Is Right for Love" (from Trouble, 1978)3:27
5."Love Ain't No Stranger" (from Slide It In, 1984)4:10
6."Too Many Tears" (from Restless Heart, 1997)5:47
7."Pride and Joy (Coverdale-Page)" (from Coverdale Page, 1993)3:31
8."Victim of Love" (from Saints & Sinners, 1982)3:34
9."Judgement Day" (from Slip of the Tongue, 1989)5:15
10."Is This Love" (from 1987)4:44
11."Take a Look at Yourself (Coverdale-Page)" (from Coverdale Page, 1993)5:03
12."Straight for the Heart" (from 1987)3:42
13."Now You're Gone" (US remix)" (from Slip of the Tongue, 1989)4:11
14."Looking for Love" (from 1987)6:33
15."Sailing Ships (live)" (from Starkers in Tokyo, 1998)4:09
16."Soldier of Fortune" (live)" (from Starkers in Tokyo, 1998)3:35
17."Walking in the Shadow of the Blues (live)" (from Live... in the Heart of the City, 1980)4:49
18."Ready an' Willing (live)" (from Live... in the Heart of the City, 1980)4:45
Disc three
1."Slow an' Easy" (from Slide It In, 1984)6:07
2."Shake My Tree (Coverdale-Page)" (from Coverdale Page, 1993)4:53
3."Guilty of Love" (from Slide It In, 1984)3:21
4."The Deeper the Love" (from Slip of the Tongue, 1989)4:21
5."Blindman" (from Ready an' Willing, 1980)5:07
6."Love to Keep You Warm" (from Trouble, 1978)3:45
7."Love Is Blind (David Coverdale)" (from Into the Light, 2000)5:45
8."Ain't Gonna Cry No More" (from Ready an' Willing, 1980)5:48
9."Slave (David Coverdale)" (from Into the Light, 2000)4:54
10."Lonely Days, Lonely Nights" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)4:15
11."Give Me All Your Love" (from 1987)3:30
12."Till the Day I Die" (from Come an' Get It, 1981)4:28
13."Here I Go Again '87" (from 1987)4:33
14."Still of the Night" (from 1987)6:39
15."If You Want Me" (from Live: In the Shadow of the Blues, 2006)4:09
16."Best Years" (from Good to Be Bad, 2008)5:16
17."We Wish You Well" (from Lovehunter, 1979)1:36


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