30th Indian Infantry Brigade

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30th Indian Infantry Brigade
Active January 1943 – August 1943
Country  British India
Allegiance  British Empire
Branch  British Indian Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade
Service World War II

The 30th Indian Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Indian Army that saw active service in the Indian Army during World War II. It served as a lines of communications formation in Iraq.


The 30th Indian Infantry Brigade was formed on 15 January 1943, by the redesignation of HQ Baghdad Line of Communications Sub Area to conform with the reorganization of Paiforce. It formed part of 2nd Indian Infantry Division and was converted into HQ 2nd Indian Infantry Division in August 1943.[1][2]

Order of battle[edit]

The brigade included the following units in the Second World War:[2][3]


The 30th Brigade had the following commanders in the Second World War:[2]

From Rank Name
January 1943 Brigadier T.R. Henry
February 1943 Colonel G.I. Blight

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