311 Day: Live in New Orleans

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311 Day: Live in New Orleans
Directed byBrian Furano
Ryan Gall
Distributed byVolcano Entertainment
Release date
  • October 26, 2004 (2004-10-26)
Running time
300 min.

311 Day: Live in New Orleans is a DVD release by the band 311.


311 has had a history of celebrating their namesake on the 11th of the third month (March) each even-numbered year, almost always after having released an album the previous summer (Evolver). The celebration consisted of a live concert, a tradition over recent years has developed for the band to out-perform themselves in regard to the previous '311 Day'. The result is a 64-song set list featuring album tracks and a large collection of b-sides recorded at UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans 11 March 2004. This concert was released on DVD in October 2004. 311 Day: Live in New Orleans was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Set list[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Intro" (Fans on the street)
  2. "Freak Out" (Music)
  3. "Reconsider Everything" (Evolver)
  4. "Taiyed" (Grassroots)
  5. "Come Original" (Soundsystem)
  6. "Do You Right" (Music)
  7. "Homebrew" (Grassroots)
  8. "Love Song" (The Cure Cover/50 First Dates Soundtrack)
  9. "Jupiter" (Transistor)
  10. "Eons" (Soundsystem)
  11. "Beyond the Gray Sky" (Evolver)
  12. "Offbeat Bare Ass" (Grassroots)
  13. "Large in the Margin" (Soundsystem)
  14. "Galaxy" (Transistor)
  15. "Gap" (311 B-Side)
  16. "Flowing" (Soundsystem)
  17. "Use of Time" (Transistor)
  18. "Visit" (Music)
  19. "Other Side of Things" (Evolver)
  20. "Sweet" (311)
  21. "White Man in Hammersmith Palais" (Transistor B-Side/The Clash cover)
  22. "Amber" (From Chaos)
  23. "Paradise" (Music)
  24. "Life's Not a Race" (Soundsystem)
  25. "Welcome" (Music)
  26. "Applied Science" (Grassroots)
  27. "8:16 AM" (Grassroots)
  28. "Champagne" (From Chaos)
  29. "Freeze Time" (Soundsystem)
  30. "Sever" (Soundsystem)
  31. "Stealing Happy Hours" (Transistor)
  32. "T & P Combo" (311)
  33. "Cali Soca" (Soundsystem B-Side)
  34. "My Stoney Baby" (Music)
  35. "Purpose" (311)
  36. "Summer of Love" (Unity)
  37. "Seems Uncertain" (Evolver)
  38. "You Wouldn't Believe" (From Chaos)
  39. "Lose" (Grassroots)
  40. "Unity" (Music)
  41. "Hydroponic" (Music)
  42. "Feels So Good" (Music)

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Creatures (For a While)" (Evolver)
  2. "Lucky" (Grassroots)
  3. "Random" (311)
  4. "D'yer Mak'er" (Led Zeppelin cover)
  5. "Running" (Transistor)
  6. "Starshines" (Transistor)
  7. "Beautiful Disaster" (Transistor)
  8. "Juan Bond" (311 B-Side)
  9. "Crack the Code" (Evolver)
  10. "Outside" (311 B-Side)
  11. "Don't Stay Home" (311)
  12. "Nix Hex" (Music)
  13. "Light Years" (Transistor)
  14. "Sick Tight" (From Chaos)
  15. "Let the Cards Fall" (311 B-Side)
  16. "Right Now" (Unity)
  17. "Don't Dwell" (Evolver)
  18. "Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm" (Evolver)
  19. "All Mixed Up" (311)
  20. "Omaha Stylee" (Grassroots)
  21. "Down" (311)
  22. "Who's Got the Herb" (311 B-Side)
  23. "Fuck the Bullshit" (Music)


  • The songs "Transistor," "Prisoner," "Strong All Along," and "Give Me a Call" were played at 311 Day 2004 but were excluded from the DVD for a variety of reasons.