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312 313 314
Cardinal three hundred thirteen
Ordinal 313th
(three hundred and thirteenth)
Factorization 313
Prime twin prime, palindromic prime
Roman numeral CCCXIII
Binary 1001110012
Ternary 1021213
Quaternary 103214
Quinary 22235
Senary 12416
Octal 4718
Duodecimal 22112
Hexadecimal 13916
Vigesimal FD20
Base 36 8P36

313 is an integer following 312 and preceding 314. 313 is a:

Religious significance[edit]

In Islam, 313 is the number of Muslims who fought in the Battle of Badr and by extension, Islam's, foes. It was a decisive Muslim victory against a force of over 1,000 other men: the Muslims lost only 14 men. The battle also took place on March 13, or 3/13.

In popular culture[edit]

The number 313 is the U.S. telephone area code for the city of Detroit and nearby locales.[1]

Frame 313 of the Zapruder film shows the moment of impact for the bullet that killed President John F. Kennedy.[2]

Donald Duck's car plate bears the number 313.

The sixth track of the album Get Some (album) by Snot (band) is called 313.

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