319th Division

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319 Division
Unit symbol
Active 1954–present
Country Israel
Branch Army
Type Reserve armored infantry
Part of Northern Command
Garrison/HQ Tirat-Hakarmel Camp
Nickname(s) Ha-Mapatz (המפץ)
Colors Green and Yellow
Engagements Six-Day War
Yom Kippur (1973)
First Lebanon War
Israeli disengagement plan
Second Lebanon War
Oded Basyuk
Ariel Sharon

The Israel Defense Forces 319th Armor Division, also known as the Ha-Mapatz Formation ("Bang"), is a reserve-service armored infantry division in the IDF. It is subordinate to the Northern Regional Command.

Formed in 1954, it fought in the Suez Crisis and Six-Day War as the 38th Division. In the latter conflict, the division was led by Major General Ariel Sharon. During the Yom Kippur War, the division fought in the battles of the northern Golan under Major General Moshe Peled. It was known as 146th division at the time, receiving its present 319 designation after the war.


  • 319th "Ha-Mapatz" Division
    • 2nd "Carmeli" (Reserve) Infantry Brigade
    • 4th "Kiryati" (Reserve) Armored Brigade
    • 205th "Iron Fist" (Reserve) Armored Brigade
    • 226th (Reserve) Paratroopers Brigade
    • 228th (Reserve) Infantry Brigade
    • 213th "Revival" (Reserve) Artillery Regiment
    • Divisional Signal Battalion

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