31st Ashura Division

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31st Ashura Division
لشکر 31 عاشورا
CountryIran Islamic Republic of Iran
BranchIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
Garrison/HQEast Azarbaijan Province
West Azarbaijan Province
Ardabil Province
Nickname(s)"Ashura" (عاشورا)
Engagements1979 Kurdish Rebellion
Iran–Iraq War
Mohammad Ali Jaafari
Mehdi Bakeri
Amin Shari'ati
Ali Tajalaei (deputy)
Nader Ghazipour
Hamid Bakeri (deputy)

31st Ashura Division (Persian: لشکر 31 عاشورا‎) was a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It covers the provinces of East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, and Ardabil

It was first officially organized as the 1st Ashura Brigade (Persian: تیپ 1 عاشورا‎) under command of Mohammad Ali Jaafari during Iran–Iraq War, just before Operation Muharram. Its units had participated in various clashes after the 1979 Revolution. The brigade was later expanded into 31st Ashura Division. It participated in various operations of the Iran–Iraq War. Its notable commander was Mehdi Bakeri After Bakeri's death in Operation Badr, Amin Shari'ati was appointed as its new commander.

The division was merged with the Basij of East Azerbaijan Province to form the East Azerbaijan Ashura Provincial Corps during the rearrangement of the IRGC units in 2008.