328th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)

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The 328th Rifle Division was an infantry division of the Red Army in World War II, formed twice.

First Formation[edit]

The 328th Rifle Division was first formed in the Yaroslavl area between August and September 1941. The division initially consisted of the 1103rd, 1105th and 1107th Rifle Regiments and the 889th Artillery Regiment. Colonel P.A. Yeremin (August, 1941 – April, 1942) took command. On December 7, 1941 the division entered battle in area of the city of Mikhajlov of the Ryazan area. Colonel P.M. Gudz held command from April 1942.

As part of the 10th Army, then the 16th Army, the division joined the Western Front, participated in counterattack near Moscow and the winter offensive of 1942, around Zhizdra and Kirov. On 24 May 1942 for its courage and heroism the division became the 31st Guards Rifle Division.[1]

Second Formation[edit]

The division was reformed in August 1942.[2] The division was awarded the honorific "Warsaw" and the Order of the Red Banner. It was disbanded "in place" with the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany during the summer of 1945.[3]


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