33rd Guards Rocket Army

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33rd Guards Berislav Twice Red Banner Order of Suvorov Rocket Army
Active 1970
Country  Soviet Union (1970-1991)
 Russia (1991-present)
Branch Strategic Rocket Forces
Type Rocket army
Headquarters Omsk
Decorations Order of Red Banner ribbon bar.png Order of Red Banner ribbon bar.png Order of the Red Banner
Order suvorov1 rib.png Order of Suvorov

33rd Guards Berislav Twice Red Banner Order of Suvorov Rocket Army (Russian: 33-я гвардейская ракетная Бериславская дважды Краснознамённая, ордена Суворова армия) is one of the three rocket armies that exist today within the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces. It is headquartered at Omsk in Southwestern Siberia.

The 33d Army was formed in April 1970 on the base of the 7th Separate Guards Berislav Twice Red Banner Order of Suvorov Rocket Corps.


  • June 27, 1970 - June 12, 1977: Lieutenant General Alexandr I. Khlopov
  • June 12, 1977 - April 21, 1980: Major General Viktor M. Yegorov
  • April 21, 1980 - June 12, 1984: Lieutenant General Stanislav G. Kochemasov
  • June 12, 1984 - January 6, 1989: Lieutenant General Yuri I. Plotnikov
  • January 6, 1989 - May 20, 1993: Major General Vitaly V. Moroz
  • May 20, 1993 - August 14, 1995: Major General Alexey A. Kasyanov
  • August 14, 1995 - May 14, 2002: Major General Alexandr L. Konarev
  • May 14, 2002 - ?: Major General Andrey A. Shvaychenko
  • Since ?: Lieutenant General Gennady Privalov


In 1971 the army comprised the 36th Guards Rocket Division (Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Kray); the 39th Guards Rocket Division (Pashino, Novosibirsk Oblast); the 41st Guards Rocket Division (Aleysk, Altai Kray); the 57th Rocket Division (Zhangiz Tobe, Semipalatinsk Oblast); the 62nd Rocket Division (Uzhur, Krasnoyarsk Kray); the 93rd Rocket Brigade (Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast); the 97th Rocket Brigade (Itatka, Tomsk Oblast); and the 290th Independent Rocket Regiment (Omsk, Omsk Oblast).[1] The 290th Independent Rocket Regiment and the 93rd Rocket Brigade were disbanded in 1976.

The 35th Missile Division became attached to the Army in 1981.

There are four rocket divisions that were in 2009 under command of the 33rd Army:

From 1993 to 1996 the 38th Rocket Division at Derzhavinsk, Turgay Oblast, Kazakhstan was under the control of the 33rd Guards Rocket Army.[2]

From September 16, 2002 to 2007, the 23rd Guards Orlovsko-Berlinskaya order of Lenin Red Banner Missile Division (Military Unit number 21201) was under the command of the 33rd Army.


The 33rd Army is equipped with R-36M2 and RT-2PM Topol intercontinental ballistic missiles.


Further reading[edit]

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