33rd Legislature of Yukon

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The 33rd Yukon Legislative Assembly commenced on October 12, 2011 after Yukon voters returned a majority Yukon Party government under the leadership of Darrell Pasloski. The Yukon NDP became the official opposition while the Liberals took third place status.

The membership in this Legislature increased by 1 seat after the boundary redistribution.

Leadership changes[edit]

After losing opposition status in the general election and going from 5 seats to 2, the Liberal party has been beset with leadership issues. Former leader Arthur Mitchell resigned after being defeated in the redistricted Copperbelt North riding. He was replaced by interim leader Darius Elias who left the leadership position and the caucus on August 17, 2012. By default Sandy Silver became leader of the party as the sole remaining MLA. Silver officially became party leader on March 1, 2014.[1]


The 33rd Legislature was dissolved on October 7, 2016, with a general election called for November 7, 2016. The Yukon Party was defeated and the Yukon Liberal Party under Sandy Silver formed a majority government. Pasloski lost his own seat and the New Democrat caucus was reduced to third party status.

Members at Dissolution[edit]

Name Party Riding
     Kevin Barr New Democratic Party Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes
  Brad Cathers Yukon Party Lake Laberge
  Currie Dixon Yukon Party Copperbelt North
  Darius Elias Yukon Party Vuntut Gwitchin
  Doug Graham Yukon Party Porter Creek North
     Elizabeth Hanson New Democratic Party Whitehorse Centre
  Stacey Hassard Yukon Party Pelly-Nisutlin
  Wade Istchenko Yukon Party Kluane
  Scott Kent Yukon Party Riverdale North
  David Laxton Independent Porter Creek Centre
  Patti McLeod Yukon Party Watson Lake
  Mike Nixon Yukon Party Porter Creek South
     Lois Moorcroft New Democratic Party Copperbelt South
  Darrell Pasloski Yukon Party Mountainview
     Sandy Silver Liberal Klondike
     Jan Stick New Democratic Party Riverdale South
  Elaine Taylor Yukon Party Whitehorse West
     Jim Tredger New Democratic Party Mayo-Tatchun
     Kate White New Democratic Party Takhini-Kopper King

Standings changes since the 2011 general election[edit]

Number of members
per party by date
2011 2012 2013 2016
Oct 11 Aug 17 Jul 8 May 10
Yukon Party 11 12 11
     NDP 6
Liberal 2 1
     Independent 0 1 0 1
Total members 19
Vacant 0
Government Majority 3 5 3

Membership changes[edit]

Membership changes in the 33rd Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
  October 8, 2011 See List of Members Election day of the 37th Yukon general election
     August 17, 2012 Darius Elias Vuntut Gwitchin Independent Left the Liberal caucus and leadership to sit as an Independent.
  July 8, 2013 Darius Elias Vuntut Gwitchin Yukon Party Joined the Yukon Party caucus.
     May 10, 2016 David Laxton Porter Creek Centre Independent Left the Yukon Party caucus and resigned as speaker due to sexual harassment allegation.


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