340mm/28 Modèle 1881 gun

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340mm/28 Modèle 1881
340mm 28 model 1881.jpg
A 340mm/28 Modèle 1881 aboard the Magenta
Type naval gun
Place of origin France
Service history
In service 1881-1922
Used by France
Weight 52.2 tons[1]
Length 28.5 calibres (9.7 m) bore[1]

Shell AP : 925.9 pounds (420.0 kg); Common : 771.6 pounds (350.0 kg)[1]
Calibre 340 mm
Muzzle velocity 1,969 feet per second (600 m/s)[1]

The 340mm/28 Modèle 1881 gun was a heavy naval gun of the French Navy.


The type was used in single mountings on the ironclads of the Marceau class, and on the Hoche.

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