3467 Bernheim

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3467 Bernheim
Discovered by Norman G. Thomas
Discovery date September 26, 1981
Named after
Robert Burnham, Jr.
1981 SF2
Main belt (Polana)
Orbital characteristics
Epoch September 19, 2008 (JD 2454729.3)
Aphelion 414.201 Gm (2.769 AU)
Perihelion 306.573 Gm (2.049 AU)
360.387 Gm (2.409 AU)
Eccentricity 0.149
1365.725 d (3.74 a)
? km/s
Inclination 4.112°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 15.8 km
Mass ? kg
Mean density
? g/cm³
? m/s²
? km/s
? d
Albedo 0.0448
Temperature ? K
Spectral type

3467 Bernheim is an asteroid. It was discovered on September 26, 1981 by Norman G. Thomas of Lowell Observatory and was named to honour Robert Burnham, Jr., Thomas' former co-worker at Lowell and the author of Burnham's Celestial Handbook. A name similar to "Burnham" had already been used for 834 Burnhamia, named after the unrelated 19th century astronomer Sherburne Wesley Burnham, so Thomas chose the name "Bernheim", a name that Burnham told him had been used by his father's parents in Germany.

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