35th New Brunswick Legislature

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The 35th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between March 17, 1921, and July 17, 1925.

William Pugsley served as Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick in 1921. He was succeeded by William Frederick Todd in 1923.

Allison Dysart was chosen as speaker.

The Liberal Party led by Walter Edward Foster partnered with members of the United Farmers to form the first minority government in the province's history. Peter Veniot succeeded Foster in 1923.

List of Members[edit]

Electoral District Name Party
Saint John County John M. Baxter[1]
Allister Bentley (1922)
L. Murray Curren Liberal
York James K. Pinder Conservative
Charles D. Richards Conservative
John A. Young Conservative
Samuel L.B. Hunter Liberal
Westmorland Fred Magee Liberal
Frederick L. Estabrooks Liberal
A. Chase Fawcett United Farmers
Reid McManus Liberal
Kings Ormond W. Wetmore Liberal
George B. Jones [1]
James D. McKenna (1922)
Hedley V. Dickson Conservative
Queens George Herbert King Liberal
Judson E. Hetherington Liberal
Charlotte Henry I. Taylor Conservative
Scott D. Guptill Conservative
John M. Flewelling Conservative
John W. Scovil Liberal
Northumberland John Vanderbeck[2]
Abram V. Vanderbeck (1921)
Fred A. Fowlie Liberal
John S. Martin Liberal
Charles J. Morrissy Liberal
Sunbury Robert B. Smith Liberal
David W. Mersereau Liberal
Kent A. Allison Dysart Liberal
Philias J. Melanson Liberal
Auguste J. Bordage Liberal
Gloucester Peter J. Veniot Liberal
James P. Byrne [3]
Ivan Rand (1925)
Seraphine R. Léger Liberal
Jean G. Robichaud [1]
J. André Doucet (1923)
Carleton Fred W. Smith United Farmers
Rennie K. Tracey United Farmers
Samuel J. Burlock United Farmers
Restigouche David A. Stewart Conservative
Henry Diotte Conservative
Albert Lewis Smith Conservative
John L. Peck Conservative
Victoria D. Wetmore Pickett United Farmers
George W. Warnock United Farmers
Madawaska Joseph E. Michaud Liberal
Donat L. Daigle
Lorne J. Violette (1922)
Saint John City Walter E. Foster Liberal
William Francis Roberts Liberal
Robert Thomas Hayes Conservative
William Edward Scully Liberal
Moncton C.W. Robinson [4]
E. Albert Reilly (1924)


  1. ^ a b c elected to federal seat
  2. ^ died in 1921
  3. ^ resigned to accept appointment as judge
  4. ^ named to Senate of Canada
Preceded by
34th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly
Legislative Assemblies of New Brunswick
Succeeded by
36th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly


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