360 Secure Browser

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360 Secure Browser
Developer(s) Qihoo
Initial release September 2008; 6 years ago (2008-09)
Operating system Windows
Engine Trident,WebKit
Available in Chinese
Type Web browser

360 Secure Browser (Chinese: 360安全浏览器) is a web browser developed by Qihoo,[1] a company based in China.[2] It uses the Trident layout engine (as does Internet Explorer). It was first released in September 2008.[1]

World version[edit]

In early 2014 Qihoo made a global version of its web browser. However in 2015 Qihoo had said taken their download off their site and left their stament on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/103790566639488012234/posts/1ZRqtNFcJii

Market share[edit]

In January 2011, Qihoo claimed that it was the second most popular web browser in China (after Internet Explorer),[2] with 172 million monthly active users, 44.1% of Internet users in China.[3] The true figure is much lower (in the 2-7% range) according to multiple independent sources.[4][5] As of November 2014, the Qihoo browser is the 5th most popular browser in the United States.[6]


The high usage numbers are in large part due to the software being very difficult to uninstall. Furthermore, whenever a user attempts to install another browser, a warning pop-up claims that the new browser is unsafe and should not be run.[7][8]

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