36 Fillette

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36 Fillette
DVD cover
Directed by Catherine Breillat
Produced by Emmanuel Schlumberger
Valérie Seydoux
Written by Catherine Breillat
Roger Salloch
Starring Delphine Zentout
Music by Maxime Schmitt
Cinematography Laurent Dailland
Edited by Yann Dedet
Distributed by Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)
Running time
88 min.
Country France
Language French

36 Fillette (known as Virgin or Junior Size 36 in English) is a 1988 French film starring Delphine Zentout and Oliver Parniere, directed by Catherine Breillat. It is the story of a sexually curious and rebellious 14-year-old (played by 16-year-old Zentout) who has an emotionally charged and dually manipulative relationship with an aging playboy.[1] Breillat is known for films focusing on sexuality, intimacy, gender conflict and sibling rivalry. Breillat has been the subject of controversy for her explicit depictions of sexuality.


Lili, a pouty and voluptuous 14-year-old, is caravan camping with her family in Biarritz. She's self-aware and holds her own in a café conversation with a concert pianist she meets, but she has a wild streak and she's testing her powers over men, finding that she doesn't always control her moods or actions, and she's impatient with being a virgin. She sets off with her brother to a disco, latching onto an aging playboy who is himself hot and cold to her. She is ambivalent about losing her virginity that night, willing the next, and determined by the third. The playboy's mix of depression and misogyny ends their unconsummated affair, so Lili has to hunt elsewhere at the campground, eventually finding an awkward teen her own age who clumsily deflowers her.



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