36th Estonian Police Battalion

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36th Estonian Police Battalion
Active 23 November 1941 – 18 January 1943
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Estonian Auxiliary Police
Type battalion
Role Schutzmannschaft
Size 600
Part of SS of Nazi Germany
Engagements Battle of Stalingrad
Harald Riipalu

36th Estonian Police Battalion (also known as Schutzmannschaft Front Bataillon 36 Arensburg (German) and 36. Kaitse Rindepataljon (Estonian)) was an Estonian rear-security unit during World War II that operated under command of the SS of Nazi Germany. The battalion was established on 23 November 1941. It participated at rear-security and anti-partisan operations in Belarus and guarded the prisoner-of-war camps in the coal mines of Stalino and Makeyevka.[1][2] From 22 November to 31 December the battalion took part of the Battle of Stalingrad under the command of Harald Riipalu.[2]


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