37th Venice International Film Festival

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37th Venice International Film Festival
Festival poster
LocationVenice, Italy
Festival date28 August – 8 September 1980
Venice Film Festival chronology

The 37th annual Venice International Film Festival was held on 28 August to 8 September, 1980.[1][2]


The following people comprised the 1980 jury:[3]

Films in competition[edit]

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
The Age of the Earth A idade da terra Glauber Rocha Brazil
Alexander the Great O Megalèxandros Theo Angelopoulos Greece
Atlantic City Louis Malle Canada
Eugenio / Turn Around Eugenio Voltati Eugenio Luigi Comencini Italy
Gloria John Cassavetes USA
Going in Style Martin Brest USA
The Human Factor Otto Preminger UK
The Little Mermaid La petite sirène Roger Andrieux France
Long Days Al-ayyam al-tawila Tewfik Saleh Iraq
Melvin and Howard Jonathan Demme USA
Phobia John Huston Canada
Richard's Things Anthony Harvey UK
Story of an Unknown Man Rasskaz o neisvestnom čeloveke Vitautas Zalakevicius USSR
Two Lions in the Sun Deux lions au soleil Claude Faraldo France

Officina veneziana[edit]

Films out of competition[edit]



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