38th Street station (Metro Transit)

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38th Street
38th St Station extension.jpg
The station in August, 2009, in the process of being expanded to accommodate three-car trains
Location 2902 38th Street East
Coordinates 44°56′05″N 93°13′46″W / 44.9347°N 93.2295°W / 44.9347; -93.2295Coordinates: 44°56′05″N 93°13′46″W / 44.9347°N 93.2295°W / 44.9347; -93.2295
Owned by Metro Transit
Platforms Island platform
Connections Routes 14, 22, and 23.
Disabled access Yes
Opened June 26, 2004
Preceding station   Metro Transit   Following station
toward Target Field
Blue Line

38th Street is a light rail station on the Blue Line in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This station is located at the intersection of 38th Street and Minnesota State Highway 55 (Hiawatha Avenue), in Minneapolis. This is a center-platform station. Service began at this station when the Blue Line opened on June 26, 2004.

Bus connections[edit]

From 38th Street Station, there are direct bus connections to Metro Transit routes 14, 22, and 23.

Popular culture[edit]

The announcer for this station can be heard on the opening of "Arthur's Song" by Atmosphere on the album Southsiders.

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