3C 401

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3C 401
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Constellation Draco
Right ascension 19h 40m 25.1s[1]
Declination +60° 41′ 35″[1]
Redshift 0.201100[1]
Distance 2.348 billion light-years (720 megaparsecs)h−1
Apparent magnitude (V) 17.13[1]
Type G, FR II[1]
Other designations
LEDA 2605547, 3C 401, 4C 60.29 , 6C 193938+603431, 8C 1939+605
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

3C 401 is a powerful radio galaxy located in the constellation Draco. It is near the center of a rich cluster of galaxies and dominates the cluster. That is, it is the type-cD galaxy of its cluster. It has a double nucleus, indicating that it is merging with another galaxy.[2]

3C 401 is classified as a Fanaroff and Riley class II radio source (FR II),[1] but has characteristics of both types of sources. FR II radio sources are brightest at the ends of their radio lobes while FR I sources are brightest toward their centers. 3C 401 has hot spots at the ends of its two extended radio lobes, but also has a bright one-sided jet like a FR I source.[3] The spectra of this jet is also intermediate between the spectra of jets in the two types of sources.[4]


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