3C 47

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3C 47
Hubble Legacy Archive WFPC2 image of 3C 47
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Right ascension 01h 36m 24.42s[1]
Declination+20° 57′ 27.5″[1]
Distance4.3 billion light-years (Light travel time)[2]
5.2 billion light-years
2322 Mpc[3]
FR II[2]
Apparent magnitude (V)18.1[2]
Other designations
LEDA 2817500, 4C 20.07, 3C 47, QSO B0133+20
See also: Quasar, List of quasars

3C 47 is a Seyfert galaxy[1] / lobe-dominated quasar[3] located in the constellation Pisces. It was the first quasar found with the classic double radio-lobe structure.[4]


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Coordinates: Sky map 01h 36m 24.42s, +20° 57′ 27.5″