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The 3DO Rating System was a rating system created by The 3DO Company and used on games released for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. The rating system, which went into use in March 1994, uses the following four categories:[1]

  • E - Everyone
  • 12 - Guidance for age 12 & under
  • 17 - Guidance for age 17 & under
  • AO - Adults Only

These ratings would appear on the lower front and back of the packaging, while the back of the packaging also specified what content was present in the game. In late 1994, the majority of 3DO's competitors signed on with a new rating system from the Entertainment Software Rating Board; despite this, the 3DO Company opted to continue providing their own rating system, leaving publishers of 3DO games to decide whether to use the 3DO Rating System or the new ESRB ratings.[2] The 3DO rating for each game was designated voluntarily by the game's publisher,[1] in contrast to the ESRB ratings, which were determined independently by the ESRB.


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