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Fantasitron 3D photo booth at Madurodam
A 3D selfie in 1:20 scale
A 3D selfie seen from various angles

A 3D selfie is a 3D-printed scale replica of a person. These three-dimensional selfies are also known as 3D portraits, 3D figurines, 3D-printed figurines, mini-me figurines and miniature statues. The 3D figurine is usually printed in full color using gypsum-based binder jetting techniques, giving the figurine a sandstone-like texture and look.[1] While the printing process is fairly standardized, the capture of a subject as a 3D model can be accomplished in many ways. Most systems use digital camera or cameras to take 2D pictures of the subject, under normal lighting, under projected light patterns, or a combination of these. A piece of software then reconstructs a 3D model of the subject from these pictures.[2] [3]

Inexpensive systems use a single camera which is moved around the subject in 360° at various heights, over minutes, while the subject stays immobile.[3] More elaborate systems have a vertical bar of cameras rotate around the subject, usually achieving a full scan in 10 seconds.[4] Most expensive systems have an enclosed 3D photo booth with 50 to 100 cameras statically embedded in walls and the ceiling, firing all at once, eliminating differences in image capture caused by movements of the subject.[2] [1]


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