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JOY 94.9
CityMelbourne, Australia
Broadcast areaInner Melbourne
BrandingJOY 94.9
SloganAustralia's first and only gay and lesbian radio station
Frequency94.9 MHz FM
First air date1 December 1993
FormatDance, Techno, Electronica, Community Focus Radio
Power250 W[1]
OwnerJOY Melbourne Inc.
WebcastListen Live

JOY 94.9 (call sign: 3JOY), broadcasting at 94.9 FM in Melbourne, is Australia's first and only gay and lesbian community radio station.


JOY 94.9 float at Midsumma Pride March on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

Under its original licence name JOY Melbourne Independent Community Broadcasters Association, JOY 94.9 began its first test transmission on 1 December 1993 (World AIDS Day) in Melbourne on 90.7 MHz. JOY continued to broadcast via temporary test transmissions, mostly on a part-time basis sharing the 90.7 frequency with other community broadcasters.

Out of the approximately 20 aspirant community radio licensees in Melbourne, JOY Melbourne was one of only four to be granted a full-time broadcasting licence in 2001 (the other broadcasters were SYN FM, Light FM and 3KND). In its application to the Australian broadcasting regulator (Australian Broadcasting Authority) JOY had applied for a community licence in both the Melbourne-Wide and lesser coverage Melbourne City coverage areas. However JOY Melbourne was successful in the Melbourne City licence area where it succeeded against one competing applicant then known as City-FM (Refer to ACMA licence report for official licence allocations report).

JOY Melbourne commenced full-time broadcasting on its permanent licence in January 2002[2] on its current frequency of 94.9 MHz.

In July 2008, after 14 years above a hardware store at 268 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, JOY 94.9 relocated to Level 9, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne as part of the City of Melbourne's "City Village" initiative.[3]

Time Line[edit]

See also 'JOY Timeline'[4]

1993 JOY begins broadcasting on World AIDS Day (1 December) on 90.7fm. The first words ever spoken (albeit accidentally) are by founder John Oliver, "Can I have a cup of coffee and then we’ll get going?" The first song ever played (albeit accidentally) is by Jimmy Barnes. Our first "official" tracks is Kylie Minogue’s Celebration.

1995 JOY’s first album "The Strip – Pride and JOY" is released.

1996 JOY’s first full outside broadcast takes place from the window of "The Outlook" in Commercial Road, Prahran – continuous for three weeks, 24 hours a day.

1998 Paul Terdich is appointed as JOY Station Manager and oversees the stations initial growth and later the stations successful application for a full-time licence. He stays for almost 10 years. JOY initially shares the 90.7 frequency with Muslim radio (and Kool ‘n’ Deadly Aboriginal radio) so listeners could wake up one morning with disco divas and the next be called to Islamic prayer.

2001 JOY is granted its full-time licence by the ABA in December

2002 JOY begins full-time broadcasting on new frequency 94.9fm.

JOY receives a grant from the Foundation for Young Australians to train same-sex attracted youth in radio. Six years later, more than 70 young people have passed through the FYA program.

2003 JOY celebrates its 10th birthday.

2004 JOY becomes the largest gay and lesbian community member-based organisation in Australia.

2006 JOY’s full-time licence is renewed.

2007 Stephen Hahn is appointed as JOY CEO Station Manager and overseas the planning to move JOY from South Melbourne to the City Village in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

2008 JOY co-broadcasters from inside the barricades at the 30th Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in conjunction with Sydney station 2SER.

In March JOY commenced construction of new broadcast studio at its new home on the top floor of City Village at 225 Bourke St Melbourne and commenced broadcasting from the new location on 13 June.

In June JOY launched its member magazine Hear Here.

2009 In July Stephen Hahn resigns as General Manager.

In November, Danae Gibson commences as General Manager.

On 1 December, JOY 94.9 celebrates 16 years of broadcasting.

2010 Long-time presenter of Allegro Non Troppo, CBAA and JOY Board Member and JOY Melbourne Inc. Life Member Addam Stobbs dies on 16 June 2010.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]

2011 In June, the JOY 94.9 App is released via the iTunes Store allowing people all around the world to take JOY with them, anywhere. Also, in June, Danae Gibson resigns as General Manager to commence as General Manager of Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

1 December – celebrates 18th birthday…

2012 anniversary – 10 years ago today ( 12JAN2002 ) JOY officially launched full-time broadcasting on its newly allocated frequency – 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And of course with the usual can-do attitude of our team, JOY was ready to go in under 3 weeks, whereas many of the broadcasters at the time took 6 to 12 months to cut-over to full-time on their new frequency.

2013 JOY 94.9 celebrates 20th birthday.

2014 JOY 94.9 celebrates 21st birthday.


JOY 94.9 is the first radio station in Australia to offer programming produced by and aimed specifically at the gay, lesbian & bisexual communities. Programs on JOY incorporate a mix of talkback, music and specialist culture and lifestyle programs, including announcements promoting community events, counselling and support services and key networks supporting the gay and lesbian community. JOY 94.9 also operates a news service covering mainstream news events and issues as well those mainly concerning the gay and lesbian community and its long-running current affairs flagship, Saturday Magazine, continues to broadcast on Saturdays. The station is staffed by over 250 volunteers.

JOY 94.9 utilises online streaming audio to reach the gay and lesbian audience in the rest of Melbourne and the world.

All JOY 94.9 presenters perform their roles in voluntary capacities.

Presenters in Studio 1 the old Coventry Street Studios


JOY plays a wide array of music,[18] with variations including techno, women's music, electronica, euro-house, disco, Easy Listening, Soft Rock, and Pop, alternative, jazz, classical, trance, independent music, gospel, folk, blues, hardcore metal, industrial, retro, brit pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Remixes and more.

Specialist Programming[edit]

The backbone of JOY's connecting to the Gay communities is a weekday midday series of specialist programming introducing informed commentary to the JOY listener. Supplementing this day-time content is predominantly chat-based specialist programming broadcast from 7 pm to midnight each week day. Weekend specialist programming includes current affairs and lifestyle programming and many more varied examples in the programming schedue.[19] The JOY schedule is updated every 4 months by the JOY program director and programming committee. Many shows remain on the schedule, but new shows are only added when the schedule is updated.


JOY runs a news roster covering weekdays and weekends in the morning, noon, and drive. Many newsreaders have found employment in the commercial industry, such as Nathan Gardiner who is now a newsreader at Gold 104.3, and Anthony Laughton who was employed by Nova 100/Classic Rock 91.5 and MTR 1377.

JOY Newsreaders are volunteers.

Q-mmunity Network News[edit]

QNN is a news feed produced on a weekly basis and is syndicated to several community radio stations across Australia.[20]

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