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For the courier company formerly known as 3V, see TNT N.V..

3V Transaction Services Ltd is an Irish company that specializes in developing payment products for consumers and businesses as alternatives to the traditional methods offered by banks and other financial institutions. With products currently available in the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom, it runs a number of programs such as gift cards, prepaid Chip and PIN debit and credit cards, prepaid Visa vouchers, and Moneybutton, a web and mobile app-based product that allows users to make payments and manage their funds using their smartphones [1].

3V Transaction Services is a private company based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in London, New York, Madrid, and Amsterdam. Barry Moloney of Balderton Capital is the chairman of the board, and other board members are Kieron Guilfoyle, CEO of 3V Transaction Services; Seamus Minogue, COO of 3V Transaction Services; and Ryan Moore, a partner of Atlas Ventures. In November 2012, Tom Smith, co-founder and managing partner of TTV Capital, joined the 3V Transaction Services Board of Directors [2].

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