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Title card
Written byWong Chi Yeung, Chan Siu Kuen, Law Hoi Yi, Shek Chun Kit, Lai Man Wa
Story bySouthern Dance Hall
Directed byChan Chi Fat, Fan Wing Sang
StarringBrian Chan, Kate Yeung, Neo Yau Hawk-Sau, Christian Yang, Irene Wan, Gladys Li
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes56
Running timearound 30minutes/ episode
Original release
ReleaseJuly 25, 2016 (2016-07-25) - January 31, 2017 (2017-01-31)

3X1 (Chinese: 三一如三) is a Hong Kong television drama series produced by HK Television Entertainment, and broadcast by ViuTV.

The series is the second self-made drama series to be aired on ViuTV, and it premiered on 25 July 2016.


The story is set in a Hong Kong that is facing a worsening economic climate, and it revolves around a retail space that is leased to three businesses, each operating during a different time of the day.[1][2]

The businesses include:

  • GOGOGO YOGA: a business that offers Yoga courses and personal training. It operates from 7 to 11AM
  • Party of Two (Chinese: 二人前): a restaurant that offers pay what you want pricing until Episode 28. It operates from noon to 10PM
  • Vincent Cafe: a coffee shop that offers live music. It operates from midnight to 5AM.

Each episode deals exclusively with one of the three businesses, with limited crossover between the characters.

Cast members[edit]


  • King (Portrayed by Brian Chan): Co-owner and personal trainer. He is Jenny Chan's boyfriend.
  • Jenny Chan (陳珍妮, portrayed by Kate Yeung): Co-owner, and a Yoga instructor. He is King's girlfriend.

Party of Two[edit]

  • Mok Chee Fan (莫志凡, portrayed by Neo Yau Hawk-Sau): The restaurant's co-owner.
  • Christian Yang (楊拓也, portrayed by Christian Yang): The restaurant's interim chef. Once worked for Michelin-starred eateries. The actor who portrays this character is a real life chef.[3]
  • Chan Yook Ping (陳旭平): The restaurant's co-owner, returned from overseas on the 28th episode.

Vincent Cafe[edit]

  • Wong Mei Ling (黃美玲, portrayed by Irene Wan in the present day, and by Scarlett Wong in flashbacks): The cafe's owner. She was once an agent for musicians.
  • Fah (花, portrayed by Gladys Li), a worker at Vincent Cafe, and its live singer. Her mother is Wong Mei Ling.

Other cast members[edit]

  • Yuki (Portrayed by Hey Rachel): Fah's good friend. She died before a song she created was to be featured in a movie. The actress who portrays this character is a real life musician.[4]
  • Wilson (Portrayed by Law Wing-cheung): A movie producer who decided to cut Yuki's song from his movie. He eventually changed his mind, on the condition that Fah sings the song as a duet.
  • Bondy Chiu: A frequent customer of Vincent Cafe. Chiu portrays herself in the series.


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