Three Man

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Three Man
Genre(s) Drinking
Players 3+
Setup time 0
Playing time varies

Three Man (also referred to as Mr. Three or Hat Man) is a drinking game played with two dice.[1] It can be played with at least 3 people but it works better with around 5.[2] The objective is to avoid drinking, though many would argue that losing the game is preferred.


Steps of play[edit]

Select the first "Three Man"
This player will remain the "Three man" until someone else rolls a 1-2 or 3-(any). The player wears a hat while he/she is "Three Man". The next player to roll a 1-2 or 3-(any) becomes the new three man.
Three man rolls dice.
Drink are dispensed based on the pips shown on dice.
If no drinks are dispensed, turn ends and dice are passed to next player.

Roll results[edit]

Create any rule.  If rule is broken during game, the infringing player drinks[3]
2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 (doubles)
Give away (i.e. instruct someone else to drink a certain amount) the amount of gulps/fingers of their drinks that match the total amount of pips showing on dice[3]
        ex. 5-5 means you would give away 10 drinks.  These can be split up between multiple players if desired
1-2 3-(any number)
The "Three man" drinks, but the roller becomes the new "Three Man". If roll was 3-3, the "Three man" drinks twice.[3]
1-6 2-5 3-4 (total of 7)
Person to the left of roller drinks. If 3-4, "Three man" also drinks.[3]
5-4 6-3 (total of 9)
Every person drinks.  If 6-3, "Three man" drinks twice. New Zealand rule: Three man has 9 sips and not two [3]
Change direction of play.[3]
6-5 (total of 11)
Person to the right of roller drinks. Alternatively the "Three Man" plays a 'social', in which he/she stands and takes a fat rip.[3]


There are several variations to the game:

  1. Doubles: according to this variation, whoever rolls doubles (Player A) can "give" them to another player (Player B), who then rolls both the dice to see how many times he/she must drink. If B rolls doubles, the dice are returned to A, who must roll and drink twice as many times as the value that he/she rolls (e.g., if A rolls 3 and 2, A must drink 10 times).[1] In another variation, a player who rolls doubles three times in any turn has the right to make a rule.[2]
  2. Party Foul: If the dice falls off the table, the player drinks for each fallen dice.[3] When a "Sloppy Jalopy" rule is applied, the player with fallen dice is loudly admonished as a "Sloppy Jalopy" and immediately becomes the new Three Man.[4] For subsequent party fouls, the admonishment is often delivered, "Sloppy dice, drink twice!" and the offending participant must take two additional drinks.
  3. Any roll of 1:
    1. 1 and 1 follow the usual rules for passing off doubles.
    2. 1 and 2 makes the roller Three Man.
    3. 1 and 3 makes the Three Man drink (as with any roll of a 3).
    4. 1 and 4 thumb to table or floor: last player to place his/her thumb must drink.
    5. 1 and 5 turn ends.
    6. When a 1 and 6 is rolled, the player to the left drinks.[3]
  4. Bathroom penalty: If someone is in the bathroom when it is his turn to roll, he must take 1 drink for every 5 seconds he is late returning.[3]
  5. Opposite Sex: Any variation of the "6" is classified as "opposite sex" in which all players in the game of the opposite sex to the roller must drink
  6. Virgin: If a players first roll results in no drinks being awarded, they must then drink and continue their turn
  7. High Five the 3 man: whenever a five is rolled, the roller greets the current three man with a high five and then drinks. Note: the three man will drink on half of the rolls where this occurs.
  8. Jonny Wet Rule: When an old hound who is all bark but no bite starts to get a bit yappy he is allowed to sit out 1 full round of the game. On return, said 'Jonny Wet' will immediately be allowed to choose the next 3 man.
  9. All drinking fines must be finished immediately, there is no 'I have until the next round'.

-- Australian Version—In the Australian version of this game the rules are as follows.

1+1 : New Rule (You make a rule affecting the current game, Little Green Man,[5] Nicknames etc.)

1+2 : 3 man (You are the three man put on a hat, every time a three is on the dice drink, remains until someone else rolls this)

2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 (doubles) : Choose a person to fill their drink and finish their drink.

7 or 11 : Choose a person to fill their drink and finish their drink.

If someone has a double, seven or Eleven they roll as soon as the person touches the cup and if they get a 7, 11, or double the person must repeat. If you touch the dice before that finish your drink. On the third time (you have rolled the above), you must finish your drink.

9 : Busta Rhyme (Make up one line of a rhyme, go around table, loser drinks)

10 : Categories (Select a category go around the table until someone misses out they drink)


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Created by the Marziale family of New Orleans