3rd Armoured Division (Australia)

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Australian 3rd Armoured Division
3rd Aust Armd Div(AWM 133886).jpg
3rd Australian Armoured Division Formation Sign
Active 1942–1943
Country Australia Australia
Branch Army
Type Armoured
Battle honours None

The Australian 3rd Armoured Division was an armoured unit of the Australian Army that was established on 15 November 1942[1] by redesignating the 1st Motor Division (which was previously the 1st Cavalry Division). As an armoured division the 3rd Armoured was equipped with M3 Grant medium tanks and M3 Stuart light tanks. The Division's 3rd Motor Brigade was gradually disbanded between March to August 1943 and the 3rd Armoured Division was disbanded in Queensland on 19 October 1943 as a result of manpower shortages in the Australian Army.[2]


Order of battle upon formation[edit]

Order of battle upon disbandment[edit]

  • Divisional Headquarters
  • 12 Armoured Car Regiment
  • 3rd Armoured Divisional Signals
  • 2nd Armoured Brigade
  • Divisional Artillery(?)
    • 21 Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery
    • 102 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery
  • Divisional Administration Troops

Commanding officers[edit]

The 3rd Armoured Division had three commanders through its brief existence:

  • Major General W.A.B. Steele (November 1942 – March 1943)
  • Major General W.J.M. Locke (March – April 1943)
  • Major General W. Bridgeford (April – October 1943)

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